Erica Gebhart: On Finding The One

“I grew up overweight and shy, but after seeing a therapist in high school, I began to find psychology fascinating. I wanted to learn more about what made people tick. I got my Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Social Work, and I loved helping people in my new career. Except . . . I wasn’t really living, because I was consumed with finding a husband. I thought my life meant nothing unless I was married and had children. So I decided to take drastic measures to lose weight. I had gastric bypass surgery, lost 110 pounds in 10 months, and met a man I thought was The One. I thought my life had begun at last. But the truth was, I was living on autopilot — completely disconnected from myself.

“Soon after moving in with my boyfriend, I started gaining the weight back. I was anxious and unhappy and didn’t even recognize it. It wasn’t until I had two major medical complications and two long hospital stays that I realized something was terribly wrong. Thankfully, they reversed the gastric bypass. But after my second hospitalization, my world came crumbling down when my boyfriend broke up with me. We’d been talking about marriage and he’d even looked at rings.

“The truth was: The perfect life that I’d imagined wasn’t the path that my life had taken. I’d lost weight, but I wasn’t healthy. I’d been in a relationship, but I didn’t have a relationship with myself. I’d put all my hopes on finding The One and forgot that I was the one that really mattered.

“Now I help millennials explore themselves in a deeper way by helping them work through their fears and find their purpose in life. By helping people heal and find themselves, I get to make a difference in other people’s lives every single day.”

Erica Gebhart, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

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