Adria DeCorte: Beyond Burnout

“I became a workaholic the moment I left my full-time career to become a full-time entrepreneur. For the next two years, I worked seven days a week. I never shut off. Despite years of experience in wellness and nutrition, I would barely stop for a lunch break and hadn’t been to the gym in months. I wasn’t spending quality time with my husband anymore and I rarely unplugged. I was hustling to help others, but there was nothing left for me.

“One day, I woke up. Not surprisingly, I didn’t feel like working anymore. I was tired. Burned out. There was no more joy left in what I was doing. And it was my fault. I’d been prioritizing my business over the healthy habits that would have kept my energy high, mind clear, and creativity flowing. I knew what I had to do: I had to make healthy living an integral part of my business plan, instead of simply seeing it as an extra ball to juggle.

“Now I help other female entrepreneurs to avoid falling into that trap. As a valued member of their business support team, I help them implement healthier habits and better boundaries, work through the challenges that inevitably come up, and strategize simple ways to create more ease in their life and business. It’s like having someone help take care of your business’ biggest asset . . . you.”

Adria DeCorte, Healthy Living Strategist for female entrepreneurs

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