Megan Purnell: Overcoming Debt & the Power of Money

“7 years ago, I moved to the fifth least affordable city in the country to work for 2 months. One year later, I’d met and married my husband and we were still there. We were also in A LOT of debt: We owed a whopping $40k, and my corporate salary was only $29k per year.

Even with a less-than-average income, I managed to crush ALL of the debt we owed AND save enough for a down payment on a home… in just 4 years. We lived well within our means, and knew how much money we needed if we wanted to raise a family or purchase a home.

I even used to skateboard to work when I was 6 months pregnant if the weather was nice!

Last year, I quit my corporate gig at the end of my second maternity leave. Still debt-free, with a retirement scheme in place and plenty of savings, we were well on our way to owning $750k in real estate. And I wanted to help other families crush their debt and grow rich – no matter what their income.

You see, I believe anyone can be wealthy, it’s just a matter of prioritizing your life and understanding the power of money. If one student reaches their goal, it makes it all worthwhile for me. If one mom gets to stay home to raise her child, then that’s two lives impacted for the better.”


Megan Purnell, Cash Flow Expert




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