Tiffany Yu: Rebranding Disability Through The Power Of Community

“I was 9-years old when I was involved in a car accident where I lost the full ability to use my right arm. My dad was driving and didn’t make it out alive. I didn’t really have an outlet to deal with such a traumatic loss – both from a family and ability perspective – and I spent much of my adolescence feeling angry, alone, and invisible.

I founded Diversability because I saw a need for a social movement that would rebrand disability through the power of community. When we create spaces where everyone is included and everyone can feel like they belong, we can start to remove limits and barriers, empower those with disabilities, and build their self-confidence and self-worth.

Exclusion is disabling, not disability itself.”

Tiffany Yu, Founder of Diversability

(New York, USA)


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