Monica Kang: Reconnecting With My Creative Strength

“In 2013, I started on my dream career track in nuclear nonproliferation, but I found myself feeling stuck. After all my hard work, the lack of creativity and experimentation made me risk-averse and fearful of trying something new. I became frustrated with the repetition of my daily routine, instead of thankful for living my dream.

I started to reconnect with my true self again when I picked up colored pencils and a paint brush for street art in March 2014. It was liberating to create something. Within a few months, I began visibly making progress, both professionally and personally, as I sought out time to paint, read, and visit more spaces to daydream. By the end of 2015, my demeanor changed to become more grateful and reflective. My colleagues at work noticed as well, which earned me a promotion.

My journey taught me how important it is to reconnect with our creative strengths. When I realized my friends had the same struggle, I decided to gather my diverse expertise in project management, curriculum development, teaching, business, and community building, and create a safe space for professionals to rediscover their creativity. Since November 2015, I’ve been working 60-70 hours a week in my spare time to build programs, business, and relationships… because creativity matters.

Despite the increasing amount of information on the internet about creativity, no community exists that is tailored for the traditionally non-creative. No program exists to teach professionals to incorporate creativity into their daily routine or to remind them that everyone is creative in different ways. InnovatorsBox aims to break this stereotype and allow professionals in non-creative industries – such as my peers in goverment, engineering and banking – to recognize that creativity comes in different forms, and that you don’t need to be an artist or musician to express it.

When we live a more creative life, our lives are fuller and more enriching. I want to see what the world can be when people feel alive and excited for Monday mornings.”

Monica Kang, Founder & Ceo of InnovatorsBox

(Washington, D.C.)


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