Michelle Evans: Turning My Dream Into Reality

“When I was in business school at the University of Washington, I had a dream. I wanted to own my own business. But that seemed so hard, far off and unattainable. There was usually more month than money in my college budget and I couldn’t imagine having hundreds of thousands to invest in a business. I didn’t know a lot of people who were entrepreneurs, either. I seemed destined for a job, so I followed that path.

But that dream never left me. It would niggle at my thoughts, day in and day out. It never seemed like the right time, or like I had enough money. I came up with hundreds of excuses why I shouldn’t go out on my own. But the truth was, I didn’t see my own value. I didn’t believe that anyone else could see it either. So I stayed in the corporate world for 16 years.

Then one day, it happened. During my maternity leave, I won a big marketing award at Microsoft. My boss told me during my annual review. But because I was taking 5 months off to have my baby, I wouldn’t be eligible to move up in the company the following year. I was furious… and relieved. As I sat there, I remember thinking, “Today’s the day.” Before I went to bed that night, my business was open. After 16 years of wishing, hoping and dreaming, I finally took a concrete step towards being my own boss. I won’t say it was an easy path from there, but I will say I’ve never regretted it. That was over 4 years ago now, and I’m thankful every day that I had the courage to take that leap.”

Michelle Evans, Business Coach & Marketing Strategist

(Washington, USA)


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