Erika Lyremark: The Journey From Stripper To Self-Expressed Business Owner

“Now that I know what it’s like to be so deeply connected, and to allow myself to be fully self-expressed in my business, it feels amazing. It feels wonderful. I feel so fulfilled and so satisfied every single day in my business and I never experienced that when I was stripping. Yes, I loved it […]

Marie Poulin: Strategic Generosity & Tackling The Imposter Complex

“I don’t want anyone to be under any illusions that everything is perfect and I’ve got it all together and I know all the answers, because I don’t. The whole thing is a big experiment. I think our businesses, our lives, are all an experiment. I’m just trying to learn as much as I can […]

Srinivas Rao: Using Curiosity To Create Unmistakable Work

“I think the big thing that really helps to find direction is curiosity: indulging what it is that you are naturally curious about, and not necessarily concerning yourself with what kind of an outcome it will lead to. Because I had no idea that any of what I did would lead to all of this.” […]

What does your inner child want to do? Hint: It may surprise you.

What does your inner child want to do?

When I was a kid and staying at my grandparent’s big London house, I remember my nana gave me this heavy, hard-backed journal. It had a thick, blue cover and blank page after blank page to write in. I treasured that journal. I carried it everywhere with me. I scrawled stories in it all the time until my parents bought […]

Your story reveals your big business vision. Here’s how.

Ever since I discovered the kind of answer that could be unlocked with a question like, “Why do you do what you do?” I never fail to use it when I’m interviewing new copywriting clients. This Q&A is like a key turning a lock and the result is always compelling. Not least because there are a couple of different ways […]

Your story IS worth telling. And here’s why.

Nikki Groom

One of the things that’s most precious to me in my business is my 100 Stories Worth Telling Project. Women entrepreneurs and business leaders who are passionate about what they do and who have fought hard to get where they are today tell me their stories as a way to celebrate their journey – no matter […]