“So you don’t want to be a copywriter, then.”

Nikki Groom Big Vision

She looked up at the white board covered in scrawling marker pen and said, “So… you don’t want to be a copywriter, then.” It was three years ago and I was with my then-business coach in a private rented workspace in New York City. We’d spent hours brainstorming the big vision for my business and […]

A voice for the voiceless

Ian Frank photographer

A disabled United States Marine Corps Veteran whose eldest son was receiving chemotherapy for brain cancer, commercial photographer and video editor Ian Frank realized something: He wanted to use his second chance at life to make a difference in the world. He wanted to use his photography in service of others and become “a voice for the […]

Randi Buckley: Healthy Boundaries For Kind People

Randi Buckley

I have been drawn to Randi Buckley for as long as I can remember. She has this extraordinarily magnetic energy that shines through everything she says and does, and I feel incredibly grateful to be in her orbit. I especially love the fact that Randi isn’t afraid to skip the superficial fluff in favor of swimming in the […]

The 100 Stories Worth Telling Project is evolving. Here’s how.

My heart is burning as I write this. It burns when I don’t share my truth for a while, and when I don’t take the time to fill you in or bring you on the journey with me, to explore with you new ways of looking at your business and the world. I know your heart is […]

L’Erin Alta: Reclaiming Our Power When Reality Breaks Us Open

L'Erin Alta

To say that L’Erin Alta’s words hold power is an understatement. Every time I read what she writes, her words move me to the core. They remind me of what’s possible when we free our voices and speak our truth, without apology. I have been connected to L’Erin since 2012, which is a long time in internet years, […]

What do you want to say to the world? Some inspiration, for you.


We must never forget art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.  – John F. Kennedy Max Levi Frieder is the co-founder and co-executive director of an international community-based public art organization that seeks to ignite social change through collaborative art making. Together, Max and his team facilitate projects around […]