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We must never forget art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.  – John F. Kennedy Max Levi Frieder is the co-founder and co-executive director of an international community-based public art organization that seeks to ignite social change through collaborative art making. Together, Max and his team facilitate projects around […]

Jasmine Star: How to Make Social Media Work For Your Business

Jasmine Star

I was late to the Jasmine Star party. And by that I mean that over 200k followers on Instagram, 200k followers on Facebook, 100k followers on Twitter, and 43k subscribers on YouTube found her first. But, as we talk about in this episode, it doesn’t really matter how many followers she has—or YOU have, for that matter—because […]

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin: Becoming a Powerful Force For Change

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin is a powerful force of nature, there’s no doubt about that. Shortly after we first met in person in New York City, I noticed Elizabeth was on the up and up. An executive consultant and coach with a storied track record of success as a Wall Street lawyer, she launched 40 Percent and Rising soon […]

Tanya Geisler: Stepping Into Your Starring Role

Tanya Geisler

I have been connected to Tanya Geisler online for a long time now, but last week was the first time both of us had an opportunity to talk live… and boy, was it worth it. I first heard about the “Imposter Complex” from Marie Poulin in episode 2 of the podcast. In this episode, Tanya shares […]

Connecting Creativity & Commerce With Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis

I have been a big fan of Paul Jarvis’ for a long time. I read most of what he writes in his Sunday Dispatches, am a graduate of his Creative Class course, and recommend his book Everything I Know, which is one of the most accessible, down-to-earth business books you’ll ever read, to everybody. I even mention the book in my “best […]

Living an Uncaged Life With Rebecca Tracey

Rebecca Tracey

She started her first business out the back of a van… Five years on, she has a Facebook community of thousands and takes up to six months of the year off to travel the world, hiking and rock climbing and chasing new experiences. I met up with Rebecca Tracey for the first time for brunch […]