Kelly Diels: How To Sell To Women Without Selling Out

Kelly Diels

“The big epiphany that I had was that I do not want my tombstone to say, “She kept a clean house.” I want it to say, “Author.” Transcript, edited for reading: Nikki Groom: Welcome to Movement Makers, the podcast for business leaders and entrepreneurs like you who aren’t interested in doing business as usual, but […]

Why We Need to Tell Different Stories As Entrepreneurs

Nikki Jeff

Last week, I told two of my business BFFs, Amy and Patsy, that I was going away on another trip. Except… I felt weirdly guilty about it. Often when I’m away, I’ll throw up some social media photos and videos — I’m a big fan of Instagram Stories — without thinking too much about it, […]

Greg Faxon: Don’t Let The Fear Win

Greg Faxon

“Know when you’re getting burned by your own internal drive, and notice if there’s a lighter way that you can approach the work that you’re doing. Because sometimes that easing back or creating space that you’re doing, some of those very counterintuitive things—the things you don’t expect—are what’s going to bring your business to the […]

On marketing and the fear of being seen (and heard) by more people.

We stood there, an entire church full of people, and watched her at the pulpit. She owned that stage. She delivered her message with so much punch and power and purpose that it was impossible to ignore… We all hung on her every word. She was a prophetess. A woman on a mission. That woman? […]

Erika Lyremark: The Journey From Stripper To Self-Expressed Business Owner

“Now that I know what it’s like to be so deeply connected, and to allow myself to be fully self-expressed in my business, it feels amazing. It feels wonderful. I feel so fulfilled and so satisfied every single day in my business and I never experienced that when I was stripping. Yes, I loved it […]

Marie Poulin: Strategic Generosity & Tackling The Imposter Complex

“I don’t want anyone to be under any illusions that everything is perfect and I’ve got it all together and I know all the answers, because I don’t. The whole thing is a big experiment. I think our businesses, our lives, are all an experiment. I’m just trying to learn as much as I can […]