Blogging is a dead horse.

Or so They say.

They’ll also tell you that e-books have had their day, email marketing is overrated, Facebook (or twitter) isn’t worth your energy anymore, and recording free calls is a waste of time.

Why? It’s all a case of quantity trumping quality. 

If They present their case well enough, you might find you’re inclined to agree.


But first, consider this:

  • The reason you don’t read a blog post is because (you think) you already know what it’s going to say.
  • The reason you don’t read an email is because you doubt it’s valuable enough to warrant your time.
  • The reason you don’t refer back to a downloadable e-book is because you don’t believe its content is critical enough to your business’ success.
  • The reason you don’t listen to the call today is because you don’t think the information warrants your immediate attention. And so the recording sits in your inbox + sits in your inbox until, one day, you hit “delete” ‘n’ banish it forever.


But what about those personalities whose insights consistently propel you forward?

What about those entrepreneurs who have the balls to say what no one else is saying?

What about the people who continue to hit publish on their best work, week after week after week?


My guess is . . .

You’ll devour their latest blog post.
You’ll read every email they send.
You’ll download their new e-book and consume the entire thing in one sitting.
And you’ll rearrange your schedule so you can make it to the live call.


But who wants to be a thought leader, anyway?


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7 thoughts on “Blogging is a dead horse.

  1. It’s definitely a case of quantity trumping quality. When I write posts for violetminded a couple times a month, my traffic skyrockets. If I don’t have something utterly useful or wholly controversial to say, I don’t bother publishing it.

    Mostly, it’s about questioning systems and determining what works for you and your people. For me, it’s email marketing. For others, it’s Twitter or Facebook or free calls or eBooks. What does work, year after year, is actively engaging and delighting my folks in any way I can. I don’t expect people to agree with me. I do expect people to think critically and Always Ask Why.


    1. I wholeheartedly agree. I adore everything you write, and read it without fail. You’re ALWAYS welcome in my inbox, in case there was ever any doubt. xoxo

    2. I wholeheartedly agree. I adore everything you write, and read it without fail. You’re ALWAYS welcome in my inbox, in case there was ever any doubt. <3 xoxo

    3. Chiming in to concur with both of you savvy smarties.

      Quality always floats to the top and garners attention, whether that means more eyeballs, more sales, or more devotion.

      And the truth is, quality requires time and patience. Not only just in the immediate sense of writing/producing your top-notch content, but also within the learning curve of mastering your business craft and proving your worthiness to your audience.

      Provide an amazing experience for your audience and they won’t care if you deliver it by carrier-pigeon. They’ll be all in.

      PS. Yes to critical thinking! And creative thinking, too. That combo platter solves all business problems.

  2. You’re right… it’s got to be polarizing. It’s got to elicit EMOTION in someone for it to be read and for people to keep coming back for more. It’s how I create my short list of bloggers that I’ve subscribed to and read every time they publish something. And really – there’s only 2 or 3 that I never miss. It’s scary as hell to be ballsy but it’s what gets you your raving fans.

    1. Totes agree, Miss Laura. Great to see you here, by the way! I’m the same way. I use to keep my inbox as clear as possible and only allow those emails in that I read on a regular basis. And it’s ALWAYS, consistently, emails from those people who are thinking outside the box, taking risks, and inspiring me to be a better writer.

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