Connecting Creativity & Commerce With Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis

I have been a big fan of Paul Jarvis’ for a long time. I read most of what he writes in his Sunday Dispatches, am a graduate of his Creative Class course, and recommend his book Everything I Know, which is one of the most accessible, down-to-earth business books you’ll ever read, to everybody. I even mention the book in my “best […]

Living an Uncaged Life With Rebecca Tracey

Rebecca Tracey

She started her first business out the back of a van… Five years on, she has a Facebook community of thousands and takes up to six months of the year off to travel the world, hiking and rock climbing and chasing new experiences. I met up with Rebecca Tracey for the first time for brunch […]

Jennifer Brown: Diversity, Inclusion & The Will To Change

I first connected with Jennifer Brown through my guest from the last episode, KC Carter, who told me Jennifer was looking for some help launching her new book, “Inclusion: Diversity, The New Workplace & The Will To Change.” We launched Jennifer’s book to #1 best-selling status on Amazon in four different categories just six weeks […]

KC Carter: Give Yourself Permission To Glow In The Dark

KC Carter

After burning the candle at both ends in his youth, KC Carter almost died of stress-related issues at 26 years old. That scare changed his entire life and put him on the trajectory towards what he calls “Full-Life Integration™”. Along the way, he began meditating, quit drinking, became a Kriyaban Yogi, and helped startup Centro build from […]

Charlie Gilkey: Start Finishing & Go From Idea To Done

The biggest struggle for so many entrepreneurs (me included) is finishing creative projects. Starting them is easy, but how do you find the impetus—and the momentum—to keep going and see them through to completion? Luckily, Charlie Gilkey specializes in exactly that. His website,, is one of the top websites for planning and productivity for professional creatives, entrepreneurs, small business […]

Karin Volo: An Inspirational Journey From Jail To Joy

Karin Volo

Everything seemed to be going beautifully for Karin. She had put behind her a disastrous first marriage to an abusive con man and now had a wonderful, handsome business partner and fiancé, Sergio, two delightful daughters and two great bonus kids (her fiancé’s children), as well as a successful executive recruiting business. After moving into her dream home, […]