Interview with Julie Daley, founder of Unabashedly Female

Julie Daley is one of those women I could listen to ALL day looong.

What she has to say isn’t for the faint of heart.

Her words are exquisitely compelling and divinely edifying.

They penetrate to the roots of our deepest, darkest humanity and unearth untold beauty.

In short, they’re DEEP, powerful . . . and life altering.

The second interview in my Extraordinary Women series starts NOW.

Check it out below.

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Short on time? Skip to some o’ the highlights:

Julie on how hard it is to accept our humanity and STOP trying to be something we’re not (3:05)

Julie on how important it is for women to come to know who they are outside the stereotypes we’ve been taught to believe. (13.03)

Why you’ve never been anything that people have tried to say you are. (23:18)



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“Relationship is where it’s at.” — @juliedaley says it true. Check out her interview w/ @nikkigroom here:

“Everything about you is exactly as it should be.” — @juliedaley #interview

TEDx speaker + HuffPo writer @juliedaley is the latest to be interviewed in @nikkigroom’s Extraordinary Women Series

“Everything about your body is sacred, beautiful, and radiant.” Grateful that @juliedaley is on the planet.


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  1. Thank you, Nikki, for highlighting my work here with your community. It was a delight to be interviewed by you. You are wickedly wise and talented.

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