“I have a dream…”
“No, I will not give up my bus seat…”
“Let justice be done though the heavens should fall…”

And those words? They’re spoken by a rebel.

Someone who’s not cool with the status quo.
Someone who sees a way to make the world better, sooner.
Someone with inner fire, vision, and more creativity than most people know what to do with.
Someone like you.

I’m a rebel who happens to be (radically) gifted with words.
And when I partner with other rebels — ‘specially women entrepreneurs — things get rowdy.

So here’s the deal:

I want to know all about your products, services, retreats, and experiences. Hell yeah.
And I want to craft un-frickin-believable copy to share ‘em, sell ‘em, and make your rebel-bank-account very happy.

But most of all?

I want to help you find that handful of words that’s gonna set your revolution in motion.
Your battle cry. Your big WHY. Your “I have a dream…” (Oh, I know you’ve got one. You ain’t shy.)

You in?