Ronna Detrick: On truth telling + why YOUR story matters

Ronna Detrick is a phenom: a speaker, writer, and spiritual evocator of the highest order. 

She re-imagines, retells, and redeems the sacred narratives of ancient women—stories that have been misinterpreted over and over and over. (Adam and Eve, anyone?)

In so doing, she helps us, as modern-day women, unravel the layers of cultural beliefs that have kept us bound and constricted, so that we can step boldly into the life we were meant to live.

(So . . . uh, yah. It’s safe to say this woman blows me away.)

In this interview, I ask Ronna:

Why do you do what you do?

What do you believe?

What is your overriding MISSION on this planet?

What’s your message?

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It’s time to step boldly into who you are + live in out loud ways — @ronnadetrick. Click for the full interview:

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