Lana Shlafer: Finding My Happiness

“I grew up in Siberia until I was 12. After that, I tried to live the American dream. I graduated from Berkeley with five job offers and built a thriving career in investment banking, but soon realized I was miserable and depressed.

So, I made it my mission to find happiness. That journey took me to Mexico where I lived, studied and taught yoga. It led to me completing a Master’s in transpersonal psychology. And it saw me give birth at home – naturally – to twins born 33 hours apart.

It also led to me creating a thriving business where I speak, coach, and facilitate masterminds. I also run a membership community to help people become more fully themselves and step into unprecedented ease, self-love, self-worth, abundance, and success on their own terms.

I feel more on purpose now than I ever have. I love seeing the impact of my work on people. It lights me up in ways I never imagined it could.”

Lana Shlafer, Life Coach & Speaker

(California, USA)


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