Petra Monaco: Finding My Freedom From Setting Healthy Boundaries

“I was raised in foster care from the age of two. Over the years, I experienced abuse in many forms and barely graduated high school. But I never doubted the good in people, which led to me becoming a mother at 17. Co-dependency kept me stuck in the wrong relationships until I became a mother of a medically fragile child. I’m now a recovering co-dependent whose freedom is based on healthy boundaries.

Now I’m a life coach who helps other women to find their voice and unlock their confidence by setting healthy boundaries for themselves. There is no better feeling that seeing someone else design a life they love according to their own rules.

I believe we all have it within us to shine. It’s just that sometimes, we need a little extra support to escape the fear that holds us back.”

Petra Monaco, Transformational Life Coach

(Virginia, USA)


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