Mindy Santo: Living My Life More Intentionally

“5 years ago next month, I had an accident that changed the trajectory of my entire life.

For my 46th birthday, some friends of mine thought it would be a great idea to go roller skating. I’d grown up ice skating on lakes in the Midwest, but this was different. My nerves were on edge leading up to our departure, and the few champagne I sipped before we left didn’t seem to calm my nerves.

We hit the floor, and the movement felt good. About three quarters of the way around, I stopped to loosen up and get out of my head. One by one my friends stopped to make sure I was okay; they knew I was nervous. I finally got up the courage to push away from the wall, but in my head I was thinking, “Why do I see my skates so far ahead of me?” All of a sudden, I realized why. I was going down hard and, like most of us do, I put my hands out to catch myself and lessen the impact of the fall. I heard a loud crack. At first we put it down to a bad sprain, but after an orthopedic surgeon took a look, I realized it was a lot more serious than I’d first thought.

By 6am Wednesday morning, I was being rolled into surgery on a gurney. X-rays revealed my right wrist bones had been crushed, and the ulna bone was chipped at both edges. I would need a titanium plate and pins to secure the bones so that they could heal. Afterwards, my physical therapist told me that mine was one of the most severe cases they’d ever seen. It took 4 months for me to recover and, even though there was a part of me that knew this was temporary, despair crept its way in. Was I ever going to get back to normal? Would I ever practice yoga again? Would I ever drive again?

I’m forever grateful to each and every person who made my life so much easier during that rough time. People dropped off food, helped me shop, even met me in the middle of my street to open a can for me.

When I was finally able to see some progress, something clicked. My commitment to getting well was paying off. My wrist bones had fused back together, my ulna damage had healed, and I was revisiting my yoga practice after almost 6 months. But the question remained: Knowing how I was affected physically, was I going to go back to the things I was doing well, but half-heartedly? What was it that was really calling out to me?

The accident forced me to get real about who I was and what I was doing with my life. I decided I was going to make a change and commit to the path I was meant to travel. Ever since then I’ve been on that path – and it feels good! It’s strange to look back at the person I was before my fall. I almost don’t recognize her. I was a good person, but I wasn’t being good to myself.

I used to be an event organizer and dog walker, but now I’m transitioning into helping women tune into what works for them – body, mind, and soul – as they go on a quest to live more vibrant lives.

I live my life more intentionally – and it just keeps getting better and better.”

Mindy Santo, Food Mentor, Passionate Speaker & Sustainability Expert

(Alabama, USA)


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