Rosalie Berrios: Brave Enough To Search For The Answers Inside Of Me

“I was born in Puerto Rico to Pentecostal parents. I grew up believing anyone who wore pants, earrings, or danced to secular music was going to hell. I grew up believing that cutting my hair, wearing shorts and using clothing that accentuated my curves were all sins and God would be mad at me if I did any of those things. I grew up believing that the only way to know my future and what life had in store for me was to go to Sunday service, go up front for prayer, and listen very carefully to what the preacher prophesied over me.

And then I went to college. It was there where I took a History of Christianity class and my life changed. It was there that I decided that I would get to know God without the shadow of religion. A God that didn’t care about my hair, my shorts, or me showing off my big puertorican hips.

Leaving my church wasn’t easy. It took guts to leave behind a community that loved me, that supported me, and that had taken care of my sister and I in times of need. But you know what? I’m so glad I did. I’m so glad I was brave enough to search for the answers inside of me. Brave enough to leave all I had ever known to discover the real Rosalie.

To this day, some of my friends and family believe my soul is lost and I won’t enter Heaven unless I repent. To this day, people who know me and love me believe that I won’t be doing God’s work until I’m preaching at an altar or singing gospel music. Despite this, I’m grateful for them. I’m grateful for the lessons that they’ve taught me, for the journey that they’ve led me through which made me who I am today – and for their passion for what they believe to be their truth.

Today, I help people by guiding them to seek their own truth. I show men and women what it’s like to live a miraculous life – and to dare to get up every day and create the life you truly want to live.”

Rosalie Berrios, International Miracle Coach



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