Karilyn Owens: Gifting Myself What Mattered Most

“By the time I hit my late twenties, I had a prestigious career in advertising, was planning my dream wedding, and had a beautiful community to support me. What no one knew was that I was constantly sick from the stress and anxiety that comes with living a lie.

I wanted to love my job, but I hated it. I wanted to marry my fiance, but I couldn’t do it. I wanted my health back, but it was deteriorating by the day. I looked in the mirror, but the spirited woman I once knew had left. I hated myself for needing the man I loved more than I needed to love myself. I loathed the choices I made to please others and gain acceptance when I didn’t accept me.

Finally, too desperate and sick to care what others thought of me, I left my job. A week later, my fiance left me. The bitter reality broke my heart open. Left with only myself to lean on, I gifted myself what mattered most: self-love, freedom, empowerment, redirection. I searched, studied, cried, and explored until I found the inner truth that set me free. I could finally accept who I was and understand why I had craved others’ acceptance over my own: I never loved myself enough to stay true to who I was.

In living my truth, I regained my power, and redesigned my career to serve others. As an empowerment coach, teacher and speaker, I guide others to look within and take responsibility for how they live, love and serve so that they can honor their soul’s true purpose. When we do that, it takes the kind of courage that only rises out of our darkest hour. But it has the potential to change us and set us free forever.”

Karilyn Owens,  Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Speaker

(Colorado, USA)


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