A Power of Your Own BookAn empowering and inspiring message for women entrepreneurs and anyone who has ever felt underestimated



“The boost you need”

The world has taught so many of us to mistakenly believe that we’re undeserving of happiness or success, because of the simple fact of who we are.

In A Power of Your Own, Nikki Groom weaves an empowering and inspiring message for female founders and anyone who has ever felt underestimated…

That no matter who you are, you matter, you are enough, and you are needed on the planet.

Through nine refreshingly real and relatable chapters, this book will help you to reconnect with your inner power, live on purpose, and do more work that matters.

Featuring stories and insights from:

  • Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code
  • Kelsey Ramsden, dubbed Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur
  • Lisa Van Ahn, a retired kickboxer who fought for the US National Kickboxing team and won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games
  • And many more…

Packed with powerful life lessons and real-world stories, A Power of Your Own is a business and self-help book like no other.

Nikki is a compelling voice for our culture calling us to love and lead with our whole selves and continues in that with her new book, A Power of Your Own.

Like a friend and a seasoned coach, she brings an encouraging and empowering voice to inspire you to step into your power and make your unique impact. Her words will inspire you to heal your self-doubt and do your work with more of you involved. So much love for this woman and this book.

Ashley Beaudin | Self-sabotage coach and Founder, The Imperfect Boss Movement

Ashley Beaudin

I tore through this book. Or rather, melted.

Nikki Groom's incredible knack for writing brought me right there with her, so much so that I felt as though the book transported me! The combination of her powerful message and the writing itself makes this a true work of art. I'm recommending it to anyone who is feeling the pull to step into their power.

Haley Hoffman Smith | Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author Her Big Idea

Haley Hoffman Smith

If I was to take a highlighter pen and highlight the sentences of this book that resonated with me, inspired me, and affirmed what I believe to my core, every page would be full of color!

Whether you're feeling lost or looking to keep your momentum going, Nikki Groom's stories and advice will be the boost you need. A Power of Your Own is like having a masterclass at your fingertips, when you need it most. You already have what you need inside you to do more of what matters - Nikki shows you how to unlock that power.

Tammy Tibbetts | Co-founder & CEO of She's the First and co-author of Impact: A Step-by-Step Plan to Create the World You Want to Live in

Tammy Tibbetts