Allison Flynn: Kiss Hashimoto’s Goodbye.

“I had been in law enforcement for 26 years, but battling fatigue, weight fluctuations and severe gut problems since my early teens. Diagnosed with migraines, IBS, vitamin deficiencies, anemia, eczema, and being treated for an underactive thyroid, my health was progressively getting worse. I felt permanently exhausted. I would fall to sleep after work almost every day and nap for hours at a time at the weekend. Nothing I tried seemed to make a difference.

My turning point came after I went to a specialist. I had waited months to see him and he was charging me a lot of money for his insight and expertise.This specialist knew I had an underactive thyroid. He knew I had been diagnosed with certain vitamin deficiencies and anaemia. He knew I had high cholesterol. He knew I had digestive troubles. And he knew I was really, really tired — all the time. Know what he told me? I was depressed… it was infuriating.

When I left that so-called specialist’s office, I vowed to get to the bottom of what was wrong with me — without the aid of anti-depressants and in spite of every doctor who couldn’t get to the bottom of what was wrong with me.

The years that followed were a rollercoaster ride. I was living under an excessive amount of stress — like a broken engagement, the death of my beloved father, and a move interstate. All the while my eczema worsened, the dark circles under my eyes grew darker, my fatigue was at an all-time high, everything I ate made me sick, and I was spending thousand of $$$ on tests with no outcome. I was moody, anxious, stressed out, worn-out, spent.

I knew there was something wrong with me and I needed to find out what it was before I put myself into an early grave. The same word kept popping up: Hashimoto’s. I persuaded my GP to run some tests and finally, after I had spent years researching what could be wrong for me, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. That changed everything for me. Within two years, I had retrained as a coach, quit my job and started my own business helping women with Hashimoto’s create slow and simple changes in their diet and lifestyle to reduce their symptoms and help them get on with their lives.

I’ve learned that nothing is insurmountable and, with consistent daily action, you CAN create change in your life — if you want it and are willing to take action to get there.”

Allison Flynn, Founder


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