Charlie Gilkey: Start Finishing & Go From Idea To Done

The biggest struggle for so many entrepreneurs (me included) is finishing creative projects.

Starting them is easy, but how do you find the impetus—and the momentum—to keep going and see them through to completion?

Luckily, Charlie Gilkey specializes in exactly that.

His website,, is one of the top websites for planning and productivity for professional creatives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and change-driven executives. A PhD candidate in philosophy, as well as a former Army logistics officer, his work is grounded in theory that’s practical and actionable.

His book The Small Business Lifecycle: Taking the Right Steps at the Right Time to Grow Your Small Business was responsible for propelling my business forward when I first read it a few years back. Today, it’s a manual I reach for time and again to keep me on track and working in the most effective way so that I can build momentum and flourish.

I first met Charlie in person at Jonathan Field’s Camp GLP event last summer, but we’d been connected online for sometime before that. Charlie provided so much value in his workshop at camp that it was a complete no brainer for me to invite him onto the podcast as my guest so that I could share him with you, too.

I knew he’d have some valuable insights when it came to productivity and moving creative ideas forward, but I had no idea just how powerful our conversation would be.

“It’s our job to get out there and get our medicine to the people who need it.”


In this episode, you’ll learn:

– The role fear has to play in stalling creative projects
– Why work has become a dirty word to so many of us
– What it means to “thrash” in creative projects, and why it means you’re not getting anything done
– Why we should lean into failure
– What makes changemakers thrive
– Plus much more…

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