Does your work actually inspire you?

What makes a movement maker?

In the book Do More Great Work, Michael Bungay Stanier talks about the importance of looking back at all the clients you’ve ever worked with and noticing what it is about the great ones that made them… well, great.

Fairly early on in my business, I recognized that the people I most enjoyed helping were also the people who were motivated by a greater sense of purpose.

When I ask those people, “Why do you do what you do?” their answer never stops with them.

They tell me about the problem that has burned a hole in their heart, the people they want to help, the difference they hope to make.

For me, working with those clients is beyond inspiring. It feels like, together, we’re working towards a better world, rather than sitting on our behinds and hoping someone else will do the work for us.

But until I had a conversation with Bethany, my Clifton StrengthsFinder coach friend, I had no idea that not everyone shares that same desire to make change happen.

I’m guessing that, because you’re on my list, making a difference does fuel you and your work.

I call this “leading with empathy”, and that’s exactly what it means.

It means you’re not just in the business of moving products or programs or services, you’re in the business of moving people.

More specifically, you’re in the business of moving people into action.

That’s why I think you’ll enjoy this interview I recorded with Dr. Michelle Mazur, host of the Rebel Speakers podcast, after she asked me if she could interview me for a series on the show called the Movement Makers Spotlight:

Tune in to hear us talk about not only what it means to be a movement maker, but also why it matters, and how you can use your voice, your power and your truth to rebelagainst the status quo and make a bigger impact—right now, right where you are.

Because, in a fast-moving and uncertain world, it’s YOUR voice that we need and it’s YOUR leadership that has the power to make a difference.

You can listen to our conversation here.


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