I’m launching a mastermind, and I wanted you to be the first to know

Lamb and Lion

Rain sloshed relentlessly against the walls of the 18th-century barn as our gas fireplace burned hotly.

Tucked into deep armchairs—in-between business books, half-eaten macaroons, and mugs of just-brewed hot chocolate—we peeled off our business armor piece by piece, pushed off our metaphorical shields, and allowed ourselves to be seen, really seen, by each other for the first time.

Eye to eye, heart to heart, we spread out our fears like we spread out our pink construction paper. Offered up validation on cardboard plates between fistfuls of chocolate-covered popcorn.

Dropped every defense down, down, down.
Shook out the gremlins and held each other up, up, up.

It was after midnight, and the conversation showed no signs of stopping, as though we were gripped by an invisible hand which jerked at our hearts and marched us past sleep.

Me and two of my business BFFs, Patsy and Amy, were at a self-hosted mastermindweekend on Cape Cod, and things were just starting to get interesting…

“I need a minute,” I said.

I took my pink piece of paper to a corner of the barn, armed with a giant marker, and I WENT. TO. TOWN.

A short while later, I came back to the living room table where the other two were sitting triumphantly, holding my paper in the air like it was the key to everything. Which, in a way, it was…

“THIS was everything that was in my brain.”

It was a mind map of epic proportions.

It was… honestly? Ridiculous that ALL OF THAT had been floating around in my brain and I hadn’t taken the time to capture it.

Now everything made sense. No wonder I’d been feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. There was SO much I wanted to do and… I wasn’t doing it!

Three years laterI find myself at a crossroads.

I’ve realized it’s time for me to move away from writing copy on behalf of everyone else…because I want to empower you to do it for yourself.

But I don’t want to launch a copywriting course, per se.

Because let’s face it, even if you’ve taken a copywriting course, I have an inkling: Writing copy is STILL a chore, and you avoid doing it more times than you’d care to admit.

Besides, after six years running my own business as an entrepreneur, 16 years as a digital marketing strategist, and a lifetime as a writer, I know I have SO MUCH MORE more to teach you than that (and I’m owning it, too).

No, what you definitely DON’T need is another course.

So, what then?

At another mastermind meet-up on the Cape with Patsy and Amy, three years on, we realized that what I have to teach doesn’t have to fit nicely into someone else’s mold. It can be my own thing…

It can be my own framework.

My own mastermind.

And even if it doesn’t have its own name yet, that’s okay. It doesn’t matter what I call it—or what I call myself, for that matter—what matters is what it will DO for you, and how it will help you.

I could give you a bunch of fluff here, but it’s not my style.

Instead, what I CAN tell you is that—when you strip it back to its essence—what it really comes down to is this:

I want to help you use the power of your voice to make a difference.

:: I want to help you naturally attract the people you most want to serve—without having to have another awkward sales conversation, ever again.

:: I want to give you the tools and the strategy you need to expand your reach and inspire people into action—without having to resort to manipulative mind games or fear tactics.

:: I want to help you create a POWERFUL vision for the impact you want to have, so you stay focused on the RIGHT things and make crucial decisions with ease.

:: I want to help you boldly set boundaries that will eliminate distractions and facilitate the deep work necessary to propel you forward, faster.

:: I want to help you build your personal power by reframing the limiting narratives that have been holding you back.

In other words, I want to help you unleash your boldest, most badass self in service to the world so you can experience what TRUE liberation feels like.

You’ve spent enough time struggling to build your business.

It’s time to step up, speak up and make a difference in the best way you know how.

You might say to me, “But Nikki, I still need to find my voice.”

I beg to differ.

 You don’t need to find your voice, because you already HAVE a voice.

And I’m determined to teach you how to USE it to stand out from the crowd and be seen and heard for all that you are, and all that you’re destined to be.

If you’re interested in being a founding member of the beta round of this mastermind, email me and let me know.

If you’d like, you can also tell me a bit about where you are in your business, and how you think I might be able to help you rise to your next level of growth.

I’d love to explore this next iteration of my business with you in service to yours. It would be an honor—and that’s an understatement.


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