Kadena Tate: 50 Shades of Paid

“When my first business failed, I experienced the embarrassment of bankruptcy and the shame of foreclosure. I felt the heartache of watching my business crash and burn. More importantly, I accepted the invitation to heal thoughts of imperfection, unworthiness and a poverty consciousness. It wasn’t easy. Very few people will tell you that entrepreneurship is absolutely not for the faint of heart. It has been, and continues to be, my greatest teacher.

Several years ago, my business shifted. The creativity, joy and flow I now experience is a direct result of giving myself permission to stop spinning in and out of a lack mentality, perfectionism, procrastination and overwhelm.

Every day, I am committed to building up the courage required to break free of the bad habits of over-giving, over-teaching, over-sharing, over-achievement and under-earning.

I help women get paid because I see so many struggle when it comes to money. I’m a revenue strategist on a personal mission to shake up their approach to how they package their expertise. I want to support them as they follow their calling in life and build a business that allows them to be themselves, without apology.”

Kadena Tate, CEO and Founder, 50 Shades of Paid


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