Karin Volo: An Inspirational Journey From Jail To Joy

Karin Volo

Everything seemed to be going beautifully for Karin.

She had put behind her a disastrous first marriage to an abusive con man and now had a wonderful, handsome business partner and fiancé, Sergio, two delightful daughters and two great bonus kids (her fiancé’s children), as well as a successful executive recruiting business.

After moving into her dream home, she was getting ready to expand into several countries when her whole world came toppling down around her.

Waiting at San Diego Airport to catch a flight home after an empowering week-long workshop with John Assaraf in 2006, she felt a tap on her shoulder and a U.S. Marshal told her, “I have a warrant for your arrest.”

She went on to spend the next 1,352 days – almost four years – in jail, accused of crimes relating to her ex husband, before her case was finally dismissed and all charges were cleared.

By the end of this unbelievable odyssey, Karin had been jailed in a San Diego facility longer than any woman in its history.

In a bid to find ways to stay positive, she married Sergio in a jailhouse ceremony – conducted in Swedish under the noses of unsuspecting guards – and, armed with “Yoga for Dummies,” began leading yoga classes on the roof for her fellow inmates.

What I find striking about Karin is that she refused to let the uncertainty and deprivation cause her to become resentful or depressed. Even though there were days when fear and sadness threatened to overwhelm her, she never stopped believing in the possibilities of what any of us can create for ourselves.

Now her goal is to live with purpose, inspire others with her story, and bring more joy into the world by sharing how she found courage and hope in her darkest hour.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

– Why it’s so important to anchor your business to something greater than yourself
– How being of service is so core to Karin’s life’s work
– How she survived almost four years in jail for a crime she did not commit
– Her biggest life lesson, and t
he one thing that she believes is ultimately responsible for our happiness 

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