Makenna Johnston: Out & Fearless

“My teens were rough — and by “rough” I mean epically so. I came out in the year 2000, a time before same-sex marriage was even remotely a national conversation. A time when it felt like there was nothing “okay” with being gay. And a time when the few of us that were out were ridiculed, teased, and taunted ruthlessly. Acceptance wasn’t on the table for us. For that reason, I tried to graduate early from high school. But on the first day of my senior year (which also happened to be my 16th birthday), my parents found out I had cancer: Malignant Melanoma. 

“We can never know what might happen in a moment to cause the trajectory of our entire lives to shift. For me, that was the moment that propelled me to completely rethink my life. Bullying was nothing in the grand scheme of things. There was a much bigger world out there and much bigger fears I’d need to face down.

“The 10 years that followed saw me on a radical journey to create a life that fit my dreams. I conquered my bucket list by age 27 and had to create a new one. Nowadays, I coach visionaries, leaders, dreamers, doers, seers, and artists. People who see the invisible as inevitable, and who have big dreams they know can become a reality. People who are, at the end of the day, just like me.”

Makenna Johnston, Only Executive Officer, Coach, and Creator of the Vision Den

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