If you’re anything like me, you became an entrepreneur so you could enjoy more freedom and independence.

Maybe you also loved the idea of challenging the status quo and igniting a small revolution in your industry or community.

Now you’re a little further along, and business is okay. But it could be better. And, if you’re honest, you’re still not quite where you’d like to be…

You long to get your message across and change the conversation on issues close to your heart, but struggle to find the right words to say.

You know that being seen and heard is what it’s going to take to make a bigger impact, but find it tough to push outside your comfort zone.

You realize you’re capable of so much more, but keep playing small, holding back, and ignoring your full potential.

You worry that you don’t have anything original to contribute, and waste valuable energy comparing yourself to others, instead of owning your voice and your power.

You’re busy but not productive, and want to reclaim control of where you spend your precious time and energy so that you’re focused on the right things.

You feel isolated and out of touch, and crave a community of like-minded business owners who can support and uplift you when you need it most.

But most of all, you’re ready for business to feel easier…

Ready to escape the endless hustle. Ready to focus on what’s most important. And ready to scale your business to the next level surrounded by people who only want to lift you higher.

You know you can’t figure out everything on your own. You need people around you who get it. Who have been in your shoes. Who see what you’re capable of. And who can help you map out your next steps.

Because while running a business can be the steepest of learning curves, it’s also an opportunity—for you to grow beyond the confines of what you thought was possible, and unleash your fullest potential.

A way for you to conquer self-doubt by proving to yourself what you’re truly capable of, as you show up for yourself, and others, in a bigger way.

And a way for you to take FULL control of your future, without waiting for anyone else to give you a drop of permission.

You’ve spent enough time struggling…

If you want your voice to matter, your work to matter, and your leadership to make a difference, then I created this mastermind to help you get out of your own way, so you can deepen into the work that’s calling you forward.

Get the accountability, inspiration, and support you need from a group of emerging leaders and rising change agents, as you work through any challenges in your path and embrace everything that you have to offer.

The next round of the mastermind starts soon. Spaces are limited, so apply early to avoid disappointment.


She is incredibly intuitive. Working with Nikki was nothing short of amazing from start to finish.

Sarah Ancalmo | Creative Director, Designer, Fashion Stylist

Sarah Ancalmo

Hi, I’m Nikki Groom—and I’m here to help you own your voice and your power as the expert you were born to be.

When I first took the plunge into entrepreneurship many years ago now, for a while there I felt groundless, adrift. I didn’t know what my brand was. I didn’t know how to talk about what I did. And I was convinced no one cared what I had to say.

On top of that, it was far easier for me to get distracted by how other people were building their businesses, than tune into what I knew, deep down, was right for me. I had unhealthy boundaries, regularly sold myself short, and burned out more often than I’d care to admit.

The shift came when I admitted I needed help.

When I accepted that the people I had surrounded myself with were also the key to activating my fullest potential. When I realized I couldn’t do things on my own, anymore…

I went from stressed out, overwhelmed and underpaid to working with top executive leaders, getting paid to speak and strategize, and experiencing $20,000 months. I built systems and boundaries into my business that gave me back the freedom to create what I wanted on my schedule. I transitioned from doing all the things for everyone to only saying “yes” to the opportunities that lit me up.

I wrote heartfelt blog posts and emails and received email after email from subscribers who felt like I’d written what I’d written just for them. I learned to listen to my intuition, show up in more visible ways, and use my voice in a way that felt right to me. And I learned to stand fully in my power—without apology.

But full disclosure:

There’s no such thing as a “perfect” business. And many of the lessons I’ve learned still pop back every now and again to give me a friendly pat on the back. In other words, I STILL run into challenges (we all do) and, every time I do, I’m an open book…

And that’s my promise to you:

As a member of this mastermind, you’ll gain access to the behind-the-scenes behind my business. You’ll learn how I’m always working to amplify my impact, while putting safeguards in place to keep stress and overwhelm at bay. Nothing is off limits.

Join a community that will lift you higher

For years now, I’ve talked about how important it is to gather other people around you who “get it”, who understand what you’re going through, and who can help you navigate the obstacles in your path.

When I look at the learning experiences that have had the most profound effect on my business, it was the deep learning experiences that had the biggest impact, and the private mentoring circles that gave me the inspiration and support I needed to crack open my cocoon, stretch my wings, and fly.

After years of informally mentoring other mission-minded entrepreneurs about their businesses, I decided to pool my knowledge and launch my own mastermind for those small business owners who know they need other people in their corner if they want to succeed.

Emerging business leaders who are guided by a vision bigger than themselves, because they know there’s a reason they’re here on this planet, and who are determined to take action towards their dreams—not tomorrow, but today.

In the Movement Makers Mastermind, you will:

  • Create a powerful 5-year vision for your business 
  • Focus your time and energy on those things that will move your business forward
  • Create systems in your business that give you the space to create what’s next
  • Become a more confident leader, because you can own your expertise and what makes you uniquely qualified to do the work you do
  • Build a business that works for your life, because it minimizes stress and puts you back in control
  • Set healthy boundaries that honor your needs, first and foremost
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your mission and your purpose
  • Craft powerful messaging and compelling content that attracts more of the people you most want to serve, so you no longer have to worry where your next client is coming from
  • Sell and market your products, programs and services in a way that feels in alignment with how you naturally show up
  • And much, much more!


I can finally see myself and the value I offer clearly. It was powerful to have that reflected back to me.

Jodi McMurray | Coach, Mentor & Change Agent

Jodi McMurray

Here’s what’s included as part of this experience:


  • You’ll kick off each week with a 60-minute group call via Zoom, so you can celebrate your victories, ask your most pressing questions, and figure out how to overcome the challenges that are preventing you from moving forward


  • Each month, our guest trainers will guide you through a different live 60-minute training on Zoom to equip you with the skills you need to move forward, and the confidence you need to put those skills into action
  • Each training will be focused on a specific area of growth to help you build momentum in your business—whether you’re struggling to sell your services, get more done, figure out your business model or marketing strategy, or figure out how to stand out in a crowded marketplace


  • A mastermind group filled with like-minded, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are as ambitious and committed to making an impact as you are, while building a business that works for their life
  • A community for ongoing connection and support from other impact-oriented entrepreneurs so you can celebrate your wins, ask for feedback, and share resources, tools, and referrals

Plus these bonuses!


Learn how to laser in on your unique-to-you messaging, humanize your marketing, and master the skills you need to create an impact-oriented business that works for you AND the people you serve. I’ve used this framework over and over again to help hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses craft powerful messaging that elevates their brand, helps them fill programs and events, and get the attention they deserve for doing work that makes a difference. (VALUE = $2000)


We’ll meet virtually at the beginning of our first quarter together and again at the 4-month mark so you can meet your fellow masterminders and set your goals and intentions for the coming quarter. Each call is 3 hours in duration, involves plenty of interaction and on-the-spot coaching, and is recorded so it becomes a timeless resource. (VALUE = $6000)


These virtual co-working sessions give you the opportunity to show up, share what you’re working on, and receive live support from me, as you make time to focus on your most important goals. Past participants have used these sessions for live copyediting and messaging feedback, marketing strategy and more! (VALUE = $6000)


My network is one of my most valuable assets—and now I’m sharing it with you. You’ll get to ask some of my favorite mentors some of your most pressing questions during live training sessions. (VALUE = $6000)


As I create new trainings, workshops and resources, you’ll get immediate, exclusive and full access to my complete library of resources as a mastermind member for the duration of our time together. This includes recordings from all of our calls, live trainings, and guest training sessions. (VALUE = Priceless!)


I was able to talk to her about my business and what it means to me and she re-interpreted that for the masses better than I ever could—and believe me, I’ve tried!

Andreea Ayers | Entrepreneur & Founder Launch, Grow, Joy

Andreea Ayers

Wondering if the Movement Makers Mastermind is right for you?

You’re a good fit for the Mastermind if you…

  • Are ready to grow your business to the next level
  • Want to use your strengths in service to others
  • Are ready to prioritize building the momentum you need to succeed
  • Are willing to admit when you need help
  • Take responsibility for your own success

You’re not a good fit if you…

  • Just launched your business and are still figuring out the basics
  • Are not generating any revenue yet
  • Don’t really have a business—it’s more of a hobby or a passion project
  • Are not prepared to take what you’ve learned and put it into action
  • Refuse to step outside your comfort zone

Take that next brave step forward

If you’re ready to uncover what’s truly possible for you, create an actionable plan for the months ahead, and build enough momentum to propel you forward, I created the Movement Makers Mastermind especially for you.

The next round of the mastermind starts soon. Spaces are limited, so apply early to avoid disappointment.

About Nikki

NIKKI GROOM is a brand, messaging and storytelling strategist for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact. Her mission is to help you own your voice so you can use it to inspire people into action and transform your vision for change into reality.

Nikki is the host of Movement Makers, a podcast featuring in-depth conversations and unfiltered stories from business leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a difference on the planet, and founder of The 100 Stories Worth Telling Project, which seeks to amplify the voices of women business owners from all over the world.

Nikki is passionate about the power of storytelling as a way for thought leaders to humanize their businesses, build relationships with the people they most want to serve, and inspire readers into action. She is also a firm believer in leading with empathy.

Nikki has been hailed as “a force of nature”, “a rising superstar” and “one of the best” in her field. She has coached Fortune 500 leaders around their leadership stories and led workshops for a multinational corporation.

She appears in the book Winning the Battle for Attention by Stuart Atkins, was a contributing writer for the book End Sex Trafficking by Erin Giles, and has been featured by over 50 different websites, blogs, podcasts, and publications.