Randi Buckley: Healthy Boundaries For Kind People

Randi Buckley

I have been drawn to Randi Buckley for as long as I can remember.

She has this extraordinarily magnetic energy that shines through everything she says and does, and I feel incredibly grateful to be in her orbit.

I especially love the fact that Randi isn’t afraid to skip the superficial fluff in favor of swimming in the deep end, which is how we were able to spend time talking about the importance of speaking to the heart when I interviewed her for the latest episode of the Movement Makers podcast.

We also talked about her experiences with depression as an entrepreneur (I think her quote about feeling “like you are trapped under ice, wishing you could reach out” sums up the experience perfectly), why she’s NEVER seen vulnerability as a weakness, and how to set healthy boundaries as movement makers — especially in times of upheaval and change.

Yes, we all need to listen to this episode right now.

That which comes from the heart goes to the heart.


In this episode, you will learn: 

  • Why coaching feels like the work Randi was born to do
  • How she facilitates deeply profound work through her online programs
  • How she makes “no-pressure” marketing work for her
  • Her experiment with “pay what you think it’s worth” pricing
  • The number one way she’s been able to build her coaching business
  • Her journey with depression — and why she feels it’s important to share the real true stories of what’s really going on with her audience
  • Her thoughts on shame
  • Her definition of “vulnerability porn” and how to gauge what’s appropriate to share on social media
  • A different way of thinking about boundaries that is wildly effective and amplifies your values
  • The top business boundaries most of us break
  • One of her biggest business lessons — and why it might surprise you
  • Why she created her “Maybe Baby” program and how it’s evolved over time
  • How healthy boundaries can help us as movement makers in times of political upheaval





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