“So you don’t want to be a copywriter, then.”

Nikki Groom Big Vision

She looked up at the white board covered in scrawling marker pen and said, “So… you don’t want to be a copywriter, then.”

It was three years ago and I was with my then-business coach in a private rented workspace in New York City.

We’d spent hours brainstorming the big vision for my business and it turned out… ultimately? I didn’t want to be a copywriter at all.

In fact, she put the above PPT slide together for me after our session…

Yep, that’s right — three years ago, I already knew (deep down) where I was headed.

There was just one problem: I wasn’t ready to let go yet.

I wasn’t ready to let go of what I’d created to make space for what was next.

I felt like I’d be letting my clients down.
I felt like I’d be taking a huge risk.

So instead of letting go and opening up, I knuckled down and worked twice as hard. I made absolutely sure I didn’t have any time to work on my own stuff and tied myself up working on behalf of everyone else.

If anyone asked me how I was, I’d say, “Busy!” like it was a badge of honor. And my health suffered. My stomach hurt constantly from the stress I was putting myself under. Resentment bubbled under the surface. And I didn’t know how to fix it.

Except I did.

I knew exactly what I had to do.

Whenever I lose something (my car keys, my passport, you name it), I’ve learned that the FIRST place I look is always the RIGHT place to look.

In other words, I may not find what I’m looking for the first time, but you can bet when I’ve exhausted every other option, I’ll come back to the place I started at, rummage a little harder, and find what I set out to find.

Finding this old Powerpoint slide felt a lot like that.

One of my BBFs (Best Business Friends) has an old business card from five years ago that casually mentions “events” at the end of a long list of other things she wanted to help people with. Turns out, events are her #1 calling — not last on her list at all.

It’s like she had an inkling all along…

Funny how that works.

When you’ve done your UTMOST to avoid what’s calling out to you — the “Big Vision” that (sometimes literally) has your name on it — remember that:

  • What’s meant for you won’t pass you by
  • Everything that is supposed to happen WILL happen, right on schedule
  • Like Oprah says, there are no wrong paths, only detours

And, if you’re feeling anxious or confused about your future, pay attention:

Because it might just mean that it’s time to let go, open up, and make space for what’s next.

Even if that means changing direction.

More on what’s changing here soon (subscribe below for details).

In the meantime, catch me up — what’s new for you?


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