Karen Hudson: Change From The Inside Out

“By age 4, my daughter started exhibiting behavior that no one knew how to deal with. She’d cut up her Barbie dolls, fall into rages and was kicked out of every daycare she ever attended. As she grew older, things didn’t improve. She was physically and verbally abusive towards me, and teachers and friends grew afraid of her. She’d get into trouble at school, kick in doors at home and steal my car.

“Ultimately, I moved back to Portland to try and find the support we needed as a family. I wound up placing her in treatment, but afterwards she fell into taking heroin, gambling away money that wasn’t hers and selling her body. I sent her to clinic after clinic—we went back and forth time and again. I tried everything and ANYTHING to help her, but nothing worked.

“After she gave birth to a little boy, things only got worse. Little J had to be in the hospital for a month to come down from the methadone he’d imbibed in the womb—and I sat with him in the hospital day after day wondering what would become of the 2 of us. After he came home, my daughter and her boyfriend continued to be violent towards one another, and she towards me. I could hardly bear it when I had to leave her son alone with her.

“The day I turned 50 was one of the worst days of abuse I’d ever endured, but I hung on in there because of Little J. I couldn’t and wouldn’t leave him. I was sure I was going to die at the hands of my daughter. One night at 4:30 am, I knew it was time. I smuggled us into a safe house, secured restraining orders against my daughter and eventually won permanent custody of her son. And in saving him, I saved myself.”

Karen Hudson, Founder of Change From The Inside Out

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