True story.

The problem: You need leads, conversions, and repeat transactions in order to profit and thrive, but treating people like leads and conversions and transactions will repel rather than engage them.

The solution: Create a singular experience for your clients that can’t be replicated anywhere else… 


By taking the time to see your customers as individuals and building your messaging, brand awareness, marketing infrastructure and customer journey around being in relationship with them over time.

It sounds warm and fuzzy, and it is, but it’s also wildly strategic and delivers the results you’re seeking: high brand recognition, affinity-based sales, word-of-mouth referrals, and long-term loyalty and repeat sales.

You know, the stuff successful business empires are built on

How do humans connect?
They talk to each other.
They tell stories.

By leading with your story and infusing real, relatable stories into every touchpoint in your customer’s journey, you speak human.

And when you do that, you create opportunities for your customers to feel inspired to reach out and connect with you.

Which is how a successful marketing funnel works. It moves people from bystanders and info-consumers into a 1:1 relationship with you and your brand.

Hi, I’m Nikki Groom.

I’m a marketing strategist & consultant with more than 14 years of experience crafting compelling brand messages and unique online presences for all kinds of different people, brands and businesses.

nikki-brittannytaylor-f27When you hire me as your collaborative partner, I show you how to inspire your audience and deeply connect with your customers using empathetic and authentic marketing content…

The kind that allows you to cultivate long-term loyalty, while growing and expanding your business to the next level.

  • I’ve helped over 250 personal brands (and counting) identify who they are, what they stand for, and what their audience wants.
  • I’ve crafted numerous compelling stories and powerful messages that capture the heart and soul of a business; the voice and mission – time and time again.
  • Most importantly, I’ve found a way to help companies connect with their audiences in a way that is meaningful, memorable, effective, sustainable and profitable — and I work with teams to develop their capacities to do this in your business, day in and day out.

Your story, brand strategy and deep customer empathy are how your company makes an impact and stays on your leading edge – and I can help you get there.


I specialize in relationship-based customer engagement as an organic and far-reaching brand-awareness strategy.

Practically speaking, this means I lead with customer empathy and my magic hot sauce is story + strategy.

I use my time-tested, exploratory and transformative questions – my journalism background was good prep – and a heaping dose of empathy to get to the heart of your business so that I can identify a brand-story and marketing strategy that inspires your customers and makes them feel seen, heard, and understood.

In strategic engagements, I work with your team to craft your customer-centric brand strategy, define your unique core message that your customers will carry into the marketplace for you, and position your business to stand out.

How It Works:

My primary tools are strategic assessment, insightful (and delightful) story-based brand messaging, and positioning your story and customer experience to create your engaging, enduring competitive advantage.

First, I conduct a thorough strategic assessment that maps your goals against your customer’s experience and your messaging strengths against marketing infrastructure gaps.

Second, I develop a messaging and content plan that amplifies your strengths – and your strengths are what your customer cares about, remembers and values in your company – and fills in the gaps. This story-based strategic positioning distinguishes your brand story in the marketplace and leverages and turns up the volume on your distinctions. You don’t just tell a story; you become a story your customer identifies with and tells to other people.

Third, I steer the project and work with your team to align your new customer-centric brand strategy with engaging content that supports your overarching business objectives; ensure that your new content reinforces your distinct brand positioning; and use your compelling story to earn the loyalty and advocacy of your customers.

Ready to distinguish yourself from everyone else in your niche?

Your customer is your company, your story is your brand, and connecting the two is your unique and enduring competitive advantage.

If you’re ready to find yours, get in touch.