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Ciara Foy

As the author of a popular e-book for, Ciara Foy has served up healthful advice to an online fitness community of millions. She’s appeared on Etalk Canada, Global TV and CTV and been called upon as an expert for national magazines such as Elle, Best Health, Flare.

When she’s not helping overachievers prioritize their health from her private practice in downtown Toronto, Ciara is providing consultations with women from all over the world – from places as far flung as Scotland, Morocco, and Africa.

I first helped Ciara write her website copy back in 2014 and then two years later, we were back at it again. Ciara’s focus is always on ensuring her voice sounds like her and appeals to driven, high-achieving movers and shakers.

After she launched her first site, Ciara emailed me to say:

“I just want to give you a big HIGH FIVE! I have been SWAMPED. I have so many new clients I’m just about at capacity. Not to mention an endorsement deal, a full media tour that will have me travelling to Vancouver and Montreal and a PR firm in NYC that I’m working with.

I’m definitely feeling overwhelmed, but I am SO grateful! THANK YOU so much for all your hard work! WELL worth every single penny! Not that I ever thought twice!”

Patsy Culp

Patsy Culp is the founder of And Celebrate, an experience design and event styling company dedicated to helping soulful business leaders and entrepreneurs transform their big event ideas into high-impact, meaningful experiences. Her mission is to help you celebrate your passion and purpose by bringing likeminded people together and leave them feeling more connected to one another and to themselves, and inspired to take action.

With close to a decade’s worth of corporate marketing experience, a secondary degree in graphic design, a certificate in transformational life coaching, and an innate passion for celebration, Patsy’s work as an experience designer beautifully marries her talents, skills, and experience with her highest values of community, celebration, collaboration, and personal growth.

On receiving her new website copy, Patsy exclaimed: “I’m in LOVE with the copy! You are a word wizard. Talk about magic! It brought tears to my eyes!”




Silke London

SILKE London had a great hair care product, but the entire brand needed a complete overhaul. Their website did not do them justice, and needed a lot of work in order to position it in a way that would appeal to high-end fashion retailers and consumers.

Since I helped craft fun and compelling new copy for the website and product packaging – including a fun “love note” to go out with every purchase – SILKE’s hair wrap has appeared in Cosmopolitan, TATLER, The Huffington Post, ELLE, GLAMOUR, Women’s Health, and many more. It has also been shortlisted to win the Best New Hair Care Product at the Pure Beauty Awards 2016.

Alicia Thakrar at The Upper Story recruited me for the project and told me, “We absolutely LOVE what you have done with the copy!!! It feels like Christmas each time we receive your latest work!”


Denise Logan

As the founder of Chase What Matters, Denise Logan has been revolutionizing how corporations and non-profits partner on issues that matter to their stakeholders, employees, and customers. Using powerful service experiences that engage hearts, minds, and hands, she creates emotionally invested, long-term partners who are poised to act on the causes that move them the most.

An unrelenting advocate for doing work that matters, Denise’s has spoken at top business schools, the Women’s Association of Venture and Equity, the Capital Roundtable, and the American Bar Association, among others. As she created a website for Chase What Matters, Denise wanted to completely shift the way people answered the question, “What do you do?” moving it from an answer of how they earn their money to the deeper answer of what lights them up.

She also wanted to raise awareness of her Dream Box Initiative, which engages volunteers to create gift boxes filled with school supplies, toys, and toiletries, for children in poverty, refugee camps, and storm-ravaged areas.

Denise likes to call herself The Sparkle Fairy, and is no-nonsense and down-to-earth with her delivery. The copy I wrote for her new website reflects that.




Dr. Faith Leuschen

A licensed, practicing chiropractor with a flourishing practice for 20+ years, Dr. Faith Leuschen has used her training to help thousands of people triumph over pain and physical challenges. Hers is an incredible story: As a teenager, she was an award-winning bodybuilder. And by her mid-20s, she was a chiropractor with her own flourishing practice – a 3,000 square foot office with 13 staff, including several doctors.

She built and owned her own beautiful home and was raising a beautiful baby girl, and then disaster struck. Hit in a catastrophic car accident that nearly killed her, her practice, her finances and her tiny, precious family, she discovered it could never kill her faith.

After receiving her new website copy, Faith exclaimed, “I have read everything and am so excited! You have put the WOW Factor into play! Absolutely phenomenal!”


Danielle Gaboury

Danielle Gaboury is one of the UK’s foremost brand elevation experts, and the founder of The Creative Directive, a branding agency.

Over the past 18 years, Danielle has brought some of the world’s biggest names to life as an award-winning creative director: from billion-dollar hair care and cosmetic brands like Pantene and Olay, to leading watch brand Tag Heuer and luxury fashion house Hugo Boss.

I first worked with Danielle on her website copy back in 2014, and then Danielle hired me again to write the website copy in time for The Creative Directive’s relaunch two years later.


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