Nikki is the first copywriter I’ve ever come across that has made my words come alive in a way that perfectly matches my personality.

I was so moved when I read the copy she’d written for me, I cried. She had nailed the voice of my brand. Now I can connect with my ideal clients with confidence. Working with Nikki was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Kendrick Shope | Sales Coach

People read my copy and just "get it."

When I read the copy Nikki wrote for me, I felt exhilarated. She nailed it. Even my husband agreed! My new copy already helps me sell my services with confidence. I can’t say enough good things about Nikki. Why write copy yourself when you can have her on your dream team?

Amber McCue | Small Business Consultant


Not to mention an endorsement deal and a full media tour that will have me travelling to Vancouver and Montreal. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Well worth every single penny! Not that I ever thought twice.

Ciara Foy | Health & Life Coach

Working with Nikki was like being in the same space as a ROCKSTAR.

When I read the copy she wrote for me, I felt a huge sense of relief. She nailed it, and it only took one shot—no rewrite. I can now own what I have to offer with confidence and clarity.

Trisha Harner | Writer

Trisha Harner

Nikki intuitively understood what I was trying to say.

I was able to talk to her about my business and what it means to me and she re-interpreted that for the masses better than I ever could—and believe me, I’ve tried! My new copy will help me build my list, attract new clients, and maximize my online presence.

Andreea Ayers | Entrepreneur | Launch Grow Joy

Andreea Ayers

Nikki has a phenomenal knack for capturing you and your message.

I felt comfortable and immediately trusted her—something that’s crucial when you’re effectively giving your voice to someone else and having them turn it into beautifully written content. It felt amazing to have this kind of support and know I could depend on someone else to do the work for me.

Melissa Kathryn | Health Coach

When I read what Nikki wrote, I felt seen. Understood. Profoundly ready.

She is a true artisan of her craft — I’m never, EVER disappointed with the quality of her artistry and the way she succinctly communicates my Big Why in every facet of my copy. She is a stellar human being, a true professional, and an exquisite talent.

Amanda Farough | Brand Architect, Designer, Digital Strategist

Nikki has an innate ability to inspire you to think in different ways.

She is incredibly intuitive. When I read the copy she wrote for me, I was bowled over. I loved every word of it. It was as though she had reached deep into my mind, plucked out my thoughts, and turned them into stunningly sophisticated syllables. Working with Nikki was nothing short of amazing from start to finish.

Sarah Ancalmo | Creative Director, Designer, Fashion Stylist

Sarah Ancalmo

I can now confidently express to the world who I am and what I do.

When I read the copy Nikki wrote for me, I felt overwhelmed with awe, gratitude, confidence, and relief. I could finally see myself on the page and the value I offered articulated clearly and beautifully. It was powerful to have that reflected back to me.

Jodi McMurray | Coach, Mentor & Change Agent

Jodi McMurray

Nikki has given me space to direct my energy where it’s most needed.

When I read the copy Nikki wrote for me, I cried. She had taken my words and ideas and turned them into such beauty. It was perfect and I felt overwhelmed by gratitude. This copy will allow me to launch my new offering and not get bogged down with trying to write sales copy, fill my class, AND serve my people.

Grace Quantock | Wellness Provocateur

Nikki totally rocked my world by showing up the way she did.

It touched me to work with someone who really got me and understood what my message was all about. Working with her has been such an effortless, exciting and fulfilling experience.

Riikka Rajamaki | Health Coach

Nikki captured my voice perfectly.

Not to mention she’s an absolute pleasure to work with. My new copy speaks directly to the people I want to serve, and I feel so good about it. Nikki is a shining star. She completely understood where I was coming from.

Leah Shapiro | Freedom Coach

It was like I was reading my own words… only supercharged!

I felt immediately connected with Nikki, which made me feel confident that she would get me and my voice. And boy, did she ever! I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with such a master of her craft.

Jana Kellam | Relationship Coach

My new copy helps my audience really ‘get’ me.

When I received my copy I was blown away! I wrote back telling Nikki she’d made me fall in love with myself. I didn’t want to change a thing. Now I refer so many people to what she wrote to get a taste of what properly crafted copy should look like.

Jane Hinchey | Author & Book Coach

Honestly, miracles DO happen. And they’re called Nikki Groom.

She 'got' my voice as easy as 1, 2, 3, and now my phone is ringing off the hook. Just yesterday, I met with a client who complimented me on how my new website so expertly captures my voice.

Melanie DewBerry | Speaker & Coach

When I read what Nikki wrote for me, I felt elated and relieved.

Now my value proposition is clear and my copy is aligned with my natural speaking voice — I love that.

Kadena Tate | Speaker, Author, Business Coach

Nikki puts your voice into words so you can present your best self to your clients.

She came highly recommended and was elegant, kind, and extremely professional. When I read the copy she wrote for me, I felt seen and understood.

Durga Holzhauser | Vision Igniter

When I read what Nikki had written for me, it felt like a dream come true.

It was exactly what I’d been trying to articulate. Every cell in my body was shouting, "YES, exactly!"

Mirkka Schaller | Health Coach

From concept to completion, Nikki exceeded my expectations.

Nikki is an astute listener who captures the pure essence of what you want to communicate and then artfully crafts the perfect piece to speak directly to the hearts and minds of your customer. I will absolutely call on her expertise again in the future.

Cara Citrowske | Brand Partner

Nikki's talents run deep.

She can turn any page of text not only into something compelling, but something you can be proud of—as a real extension of who you are and what you want to convey about your brand. If you have the opportunity to work with Nikki in future, take it because you’ll instantly wish you’d experienced her brilliance much sooner.

Kymberlee Weil | Speaker Coach

Oh my gosh, you’re good!

I want to laugh, cry, jump up and down, hug and kiss you. You. Nailed. It! Thank you doesn’t even begin to show my gratitude Nikki.

Miki Strong | Business Strategist & Personal Branding Expert

Omg I’m in LOVE with it.

Will you marry me? You are AMAZING! I feel elated! It’s so perfect! Working with you has been the most amazing thing EVER.

Kathy Campbell | Photographer

Working with Nikki was a little slice of heaven.

Smart as a whip, funny and accessible, Nikki quickly got me talking about the deep meaning my work holds for me. That was so powerful it re-invigorated me during my launch. We co-created an awesome brand identity that beacons my ideal clients to me. Really brilliant.

Dina Eisenberg | Outsourcing Strategist

If you’re looking for dynamic, focused copy that brings in sales, then you need to work with Nikki.

Nikki is an exceptional wordsmith who really got me. She’s dedicated, attentive, and works fast. You can count on her to deliver what you want—when you want it.

Star Monroe | Teacher & Coach

Nikki rocks, you would be lucky to have her on your team!

I found Nikki to be creative, supportive and inspirational. You can count on her to tell you the truth about what your project needs AND deliver results.

Suzanne Hansen | New York Times Bestselling Author

Nikki creates with soul, control AND abandon – and that’s a rare feat.

When you want dazzling, delightful copy that captures your essence and conveys your mission – without sounding all market-y and robotic–Nikki is your artist-for-hire.

Kelly Diels | Writer