Your life matters

I’m Nikki Groom, a business and brand strategist on a mission to help you amplify your impact and your income by owning your purpose and your power.

I help you clarify your vision and uncover your calling so that you can create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. And I help you align your core values with the way that you lead so that you can build your business and your brand from the inside out and from the outside in.

Because in these fast-moving and uncertain times, it’s your voice that we want, your message that we need, and your leadership that has the power to make a difference.







About Nikki

Nikki Groom helps mission-driven companies and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to build their businesses and their brands from the inside out and transform their vision for change into reality.

She is the host of the Movement Makers podcast, which features in-depth conversations and unfiltered stories from business leaders making a difference on the planet, and the founder of The 100 Stories Worth Telling Project, which seeks to amplify the voices of underestimated entrepreneurs around the world.

Nikki is passionate about helping rising leaders harness the power of business to create positive social impact by equipping them with the strategy and support they need to thrive.

Nikki has been hailed as “a force of nature”, “a rising superstar” and “one of the best” in her field. She appears in the book Winning the Battle for Attention by Stuart Atkins, was a contributing writer for the book End Sex Trafficking by Erin Giles, and has been featured by over 60 different websites, blogs, podcasts, and publications.

  • Start listening! Join me for in-depth conversations and unfiltered stories from successful business leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact on the planet.

  • Transform your vision for change Own your purpose and power and amplify your impact and income.

  • Connect, engage, inspire! Connect with your audience, deeply, so that they’re energized and inspired to reconnect with their own purpose and power.


Get inspired by the stories of womXn business owners who turned adversity to their advantage to make their wildest dreams come true.

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