How to run your business while the whole world is on fire.

When we invited in a new decade with open arms and high hopes back on January 1st, I don’t think any of us guessed we’d be living through a global pandemic before we’d even made it through Q1. Things feel really scary and uncertain right now. It’s like the whole world has been tipped on […]

Ian Frank: A Voice for the Voiceless

Ian Frank: A Voice for the Voiceless

A disabled US Marine Veteran whose son was receiving chemotherapy for brain cancer, commercial photographer and video editor Ian Frank realized something: he wanted to use his second chance at life to use his photography in service of others and become “a voice for the voiceless.” In this interview, we talk about how Ian literally […]

Kelsey Ramsden: Surviving Success & Cancer

Kelsey Ramsden: Surviving Success and Cancer

True story: I feel “not good enough” more often that I feel “good enough.” I’m working on it. Every now and then, someone will say they’re in awe of what I do, and what I’ve accomplished, and I’m insistent: “I don’t have it all figured out. None of us do. Everything I do is a […]

Tammy Tibbetts: Fighting Gender Inequality Through Education

When I first created the Movement Makers podcast, it was because I’ve realized over the years that I am MOST passionate about supporting purpose-fueled entrepreneurs and mission-driven organizations who are ACTIVELY making a difference in the world. Tammy Tibbetts is, without a doubt, a movement maker in that she is taking MASSIVE action to positively impact […]

What to do when you’re wondering if you’re on the right path

Nikki Groom

I was bouncing around in the saddle, pulling helplessly on the reins in a bid to ease my horse to a halt. For the briefest of seconds, I found myself flung forward out of the saddle and around her neck. I was on the verge of tipping out of my stirrups and tumbling to the […]

What to do if you don’t feel ready yet.

Unmistakable Creative Nikki Groom

I’d been following Srini online for almost 10 years. I’ve always been a fan of his podcast, but I never pitched myself as a guest because I’d always tell myself, “I’m not ready yet.” …I’d crossed the Atlantic ocean to start a new life. …I’d quit my day job to take my business full time. […]

Does your work actually inspire you?

What makes a movement maker?

In the book Do More Great Work, Michael Bungay Stanier talks about the importance of looking back at all the clients you’ve ever worked with and noticing what it is about the great ones that made them… well, great. Fairly early on in my business, I recognized that the people I most enjoyed helping were also […]

Amanda Steinberg: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms

Amanda Steinberg

They say the reason we’re drawn to like-minded people is hard wired. That’s why I’d like to think I’ve always been drawn to Amanda Steinberg. She’s refreshingly REAL, in all her interactions—and despite her success. As she says, “There’s a level of flow that you get into when you are who you are.” And, “The more I become my authentic self, my life […]

You were born to do this.

Laptop mastermind

A few weeks ago, as I was wrapping my first one-on-one strategy call with Kathy, a member of my new mastermind group for rising business leaders, she said: “Thank you so much. I’ve already got my money’s worth for the entire six months.” Wow. How’s that for a testimonial?! Less than 24 hours prior, I’d been talking […]